BB Assessment

Storm Doris kept us from training on the Thursday, so we were determined to get back onto the mats as soon as possible – grading or no grading. Black Belts grade every six months, and Advanced students every other grading: neither of us were expected to be at the Dojo on Saturday until after lunch for the BB Assessment.

We arrived so early the Kick Start grading hadn’t begun, so I offered Thomas as a tame Black Belt to Miss P and he was placed at the end of a row to act as ‘demonstrator’ and keep an eye out for kids who were struggling. Then came the coloured belt grading: which was perhaps one of the toughest yet…wearing full sparring kit for warm up, drills and sparring is certainly effective, and made me feel a wee bit peaky. Naturally, Thomas the Machine took it all in his stride.

Following this gruelling experience (thank you Mr Margetts and Mr O’Brien), the Assessment was no longer quite so daunting. Thomas was pressed into service again to help me and our friends the Dyers ‘remember’ various katas.

The Assessment itself was almost easy…we went through our katas, wristlocks, takedowns and Chief Master Marsh had a chat with us about what else we needed to get to grips with technique-wise.

I have quite a lot to get on with, not least this workbook, so I had best get cracking…

A video of my ‘cardboard kata’ is available here, the second half is much better than the first!


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