Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant

Thomas may be diminutive in height, but his ability in karate is not insignificant. Not only does he seem to be naturally good at fitness, stances and kicks, but he also picks up each new kata remarkably quickly – until recently I’ve only been able to hold one in my head at one time, and have had to relearn all the pinan (training) katas multiple times.

Thomas’ positive attitude, however, is his greatest asset. He enjoys helping others, works hard to achieve his goals, and (usually) has a smile on his face. In short, He embodies the KLUK Black Belt Leader ethos fully, and is the best mentor I could hope to have – even when his constructive criticism could be sweetened a little: apparently I still look like cardboard when doing some katas!

Having supported Thomas through his BB Workbook, I have been mentally preparing myself for mine. Needless to say, it has been a huge advantage to consider my tasks, take stock of where I can improve, and even structure this blog site ahead of time.

My mentor, Thomas, with his mentor, Chief Master Nathan Marsh

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