Back to School

In order to complete my Courage task I offered Thomas’ school, Hartley Primary Academy, a day of my time. This task was arranged before the 8-week start date was confirmed, and naturally I did not want to let the school down and postpone it, especially as jobs had been ‘stock piled’ for me and staff were really keen to set me to work…

My jobs ranged from updating displays to pond clearance, plus more mundane photocopying and laminating. Every task freed up a member of staff to get on with more pressing matters, and as I hadn’t spent time in an office environment for a while, this was an unusual working day for me. This was especially the case when an opportunity presented itself to ‘observe’ teaching in action: a PE lesson included teaching of how to strategise, vocabulary, discipline – the game itself of bench ball was almost secondary to the learning experience.

Throughout the day I was fed many cups of tea, and made to feel at home and appreciated. As I knew many of the staff already it was lovely to catch up with them and have an insider’s view of this special team.



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