Status Update: Week 1

A nail in the rear right tyre did not bode well for the first day of the eight weeks. Lee’s sterling efforts with the tyre weld (glue gunk that reinflates the flat tyre) got us to intermediates class almost on time.

77,434 steps
5.92km hiking
0km running 😦

Following a couple of great classes, Tommy & I took part in the sparring seminar — Mr Horton, Sempai Connor, Thomas and I were the only students to take advantage of the fantastic tuition from the former WKO World Champion.

8 classes
plus 2 on 25/3 & 1 seminar
outside class:
181 press-ups
260 sit-ups
3m 50s plank

A dramatic ‘twist’ to this tale: minutes before the end, I sprained my ankle quite spectacularly, giving Master Marsh an opportunity to demonstrate his medical expertise 😉

It turned out that although my crumpling to the floor & incoherent squeaking were spectacular, the injury was not — phew! It is still sore & has already put back my training schedule, but I’m very lucky not to have done worse.


Dealt with two charity bags: collection bag was distributed late last week, so I struck while the iron was hot. eBay: two items posted, one more listed. Feeling very cleansed and grateful not to be tripping over as much stuff! Also managed to sew on one badge.


Mon 27 Mar: on time for school with additional children in tow, can’t admit this was entirely due to my preparation etc 😉 as all the kids were so bright-eyed and excited to have a playdate before 8am plus multiple breakfasts 😀

Wed 29 Mar: cannot honestly say I was on time for anything in particular except the class on Wednesday, which is not really a challenge. Ryan (another Deputy Blackbelt) & I did get all the mats out & sorted almost before Master Marsh arrived though.

Sat 1 Apr: on time for Leadership class despite some hiccoughs leaving the house; we are getting smoother at getting out of the car & into our kit.

Sun 2 Apr: left in plenty of time to meet our friends at Cyclopark before the Kickstart class, so all was good…


25/3/17: Advanced Class (Master Marsh): Wrist lock 6 (the ‘come with me’ gooseneck hold): if it doesn’t go on because your uke is far too bendy (cf Thomas) apply pressure using the thumb, if that doesn’t work, try the little finger.

25/3/17: Sparring Seminar (Master Marsh):

  1. Blitz is a foot technique not a hand technique. Think of it as a rhythmic one-two … one-two step: practice this.
  2. Hands: hold lead out at striking distance level with opponent’s nose, and the other not too close & level with opponent’s belly.
  3. Stand just beyond striking distance: if you touch Master Marsh’s gloves, he will hit you!
  4. I was also given some exercises to sort out my wobbly ankles.

29/3/17: Intermediate/Advanced Class (Master Marsh & Zoë Jackett): improving shuto technique: as you strike, tense core & use hips.

30/3/17: Advanced Class (Miss G): Punching: elbows in & rotate fist a little.

1/4/17: Leadership Class: Sempai Connor tried to teach me how to do spinning roundhouse & hook kicks, without much success (the student is at fault here, I think).

1/4/17: Advanced Class: Sempai Freddie — Finer points of Kusanku; Sensei D — finer points of hook punch; Mrs Margetts — How to hold a kick pad so that one doesn’t punch oneself in the face 😉 [brace pad on thigh, tilt at slight angle away from body, lead leg should be side-on] ; Mr Margetts — Nidan Dori (two-on-one Aikido technique). We used the beginner’s learning method: the attackers acted simply as Daleks with one hand held at head height moving at walking pace only (no exterminate!’ required!!). Defender must be aware of where both attackers are, and take every opportunity to push one attacker into the other, the defender moves out of way while blocking attacker’s arm & pushing the attacker off balance or dumping attacker onto floor Aikido-style. Very hard to describe with words only, especially as I haven’t done Aikido yet!

In addition, I’ve been given loads of advice from Blackbelts: kata, press-ups, sparring, how to manage this section of my workbook 😉 … and more


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