First Run

Running is not my favourite activity — far from it — but it helps to have someone who can drag you along in their wake. For the first part of this run shuffle, Thomas impersonated a keen terrier running round my ankles, all the while delivering non-stop Terraria minutia & jogging top tips. The former goes over my head and the latter I’m clearly not up to absorbing yet.

Part way through we bumped into Lee exiting the nature reserve on his way home. “fantastic,” I thought “I can have a short break under the pretext of a chat!” No such luck: before I could get close enough to wheeze a hello, Lee called, “you can’t stop, I’ll see you at home!”

Tommy abandoned me to talk to his dad — who clearly understands PS4 games better than me — and to recover from his stitch. He did catch up with me a bit later, and was a little surprised at my low speed. Apparently I need to ‘maintain my breathing’. My standpoint is that I need to breathe. Lots.

I finished the 2km without stopping AND in under 15 minutes, despite the huge, steep hill (short, slight incline) & got my breath back almost immediately. I realise this is nothing to you veteran runners 😉 , but I’m pleased with the result.

I still don’t like running though.





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