Status Update: Week 2

The long-awaited Easter Holidays has thrown an entire toolbox in the works  — we missed classes on Wednesday so that Thomas could take up the opportunity to scramble on an aquatic obstacle course at the Olympic Park — he even saw Tom Daley!

81,234 steps
5.5km running

We missed the weekend sessions due to other family commitments — a holiday in Dorset* — but the sunshine is welcome, and I’ve even started to run now my ankle has improved.

3 classes
outside class:
104 press-ups
130 sit-ups

* The lack of Wi-Fi is the reason this post is so belated 🙂


Another eBay item gone…



Tues 4 Apr: Not quite on time for Leadership Class — routine seems to be all-important for my timekeeping, not just preparation.

Weds 5 Apr: Very much on time collecting passengers & then for train to Olympic Park; less so for evening out (acting as taxi again).

Sat 8 Apr: Left the house late for our holiday BUT this was due to caravan problems, not me! Tommy & I were ready to go as planned…


4/4/17: Advanced Class (Miss G): Kata: always make your stances bigger.


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