Hike: Lulworth Cove & MoD Ranges

The Easter break gave us many opportunities to explore beautiful Dorset, and although the hikes described in this and following posts are not part of the Home to Dojo route, I’ve included them as much to share some lovely pictures as anything else!

Lulworth is a very special place and instead of fossil hunting Thomas wanted to search for ‘dead tanks’ on the MoD ranges — we had been to the Tank Museum at Bovington the previous day so this was to be expected. By sticking to the coastal path rather than going inland as Lee and I have done on a previous visit, we didn’t see any tracked vehicles this time, but what a place to picnic!

At the top of the Lulworth Crumple, Thomas commented that this walk was harder on the legs than a karate training session — the not-so-flattering picture of me scrambling to the top may explain why…



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