Status Update: Week 4

25,996 steps
16.3km hiking
4.7km running

Getting back into gear after the Easter break has proved an uphill struggle. Motivation for my personal fitness tasks has bounced back, but hasn’t spilled over into bouncing out of bed early to help Lee with his daily exercises. This must change; he is so supportive of Thomas and I, despite seeing less of us in the evenings now that I’m committed to many more classes, most of all we really want to see him back on the mats as soon as possible.

3 classes
plus Open Mat Session
outside class:
169 press-ups
195 sit-ups
2m 51s plank

Part of Lee’s support is also evident in our Home to Dojo hikes and we achieved a major milestone this week…

Other insights from this week…

It was great to get back to the Dojo this week, and Miss G’s fitness test was less arduous than expected — or perhaps I am better prepared 😉 My abs were a wee bit sore on Friday & Saturday though.

Although we left too late for our usual midweek class (my timings were out by half an hour: wishful thinking masquerading as post holiday confusion!), the silver platinum lining was that Thomas and I spent a more relaxed time eating together & sharing our day. It seems clear to me that once we are both Blackbelts, rushing off to Intermediates won’t have as great a return as the extra family time we gain by leaving half an hour later.

I overheard Master Marsh in BB Class tell a gang of little butts, almost in passing: “You guys attack Thomas …”   they were practicing take downs & it made me chuckle 😉

Open Mat Sessions are always so worthwhile: Sempai Connor seems to be the best at getting kata into my failing brain, and Mr Maddox is always forthcoming with words of wisdom.


I seem to have slowed down somewhat…


Tue 18 Apr: Back to School — early & no stress, nice!!

Thu 20 Apr: We were too late for Intermediate Class as routines were upset, but on time Advanced Class.

All week: I’ve been much better at being relaxed and ready for the morning, & if I’m relaxed & ready I can manage Thomas better: Shouty Mummy hasn’t been seen for a while!


19/4/17: Advanced Class (Master Marsh): Pinan Yodan — rather than looking too far ahead & worrying about the elbow strike (empi), make sure to execute a proper (but snapping) front kick. MM also offered tips on breathing when running.

20/4/17: Advanced Class (Miss G): Reverse (junzuki) punch needs a wider stance than forward punch (I know this already but need to be reminded); kata: stances must be BIGGER; kata: Draw pages of stick men to help remember the moves.
Note: Fitness grading score 26/30, equal PB for Advanced (usually 24-25) may have achieved 27 in Intermed.

21/4/17: Open Mat Session: Sempai Connor helped with Kushanku, & used a differnt method of reminding me which moves come next & at least I now recognise when thislong & daunting kata inadvertently morphs into a pinan kata!
Mr Maddox gave T & I a top tip for rear foot placement for forward stance (slightly turned so that you can use it to move forward more quickly) — he learned this himself early on from a 5th Dan from Japan.



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