Status Update: Week 5

Weekly Totals
83,972 steps
0km hiking
2.15km running

This week my creative kata has progressed into something more cohesive, and training in class is going well. Neither running nor hiking feature greatly this week, but not only am I well on target for this challenge, the running has enabled me to confidently jog shortish distances when necessary, and without breaking into an unsightly sweat or running out of oxygen.

Weekly Totals
7 classes
outside class
81 press-ups
140 sit-ups
60s plank

Home training (press-ups etc) have also slowed down, perhaps because I’m now able to do more in class — my back and shoulders are still recovering from yesterday’s sessions as I write this on Sunday afternoon.

Plank and press-ups on the same day continue to present a challenge!


I have managed to do quite a bit of badge sewing this week, and the results are pretty good… 😀


24-30/4/17: on time for school every day — calm routine.

24/4/17: Monday morning bit: leftover weekend tasks tripped me up with distractions & I was late to meet a friend for brunch, happily it wasn’t a problem as she was enjoying a book in the garden while dog sitting.

25/4/17: on time for karate, but 15 minutes late for Scout Exec. meeting (unavoidable due to karate clash). Again, happily not a problem as the meeting had not yet begun.

27/4/17: on time for meeting up with a friend in London, because I could jog a little!

29/4/17: in very good time for Leadership Class at the Dojo: calm and organised!


25/4/17: Advanced Class (Miss G): takedowns: Sempai Connor advised a kiai on the final strike if there is one (eg takedown 1).

26/4/17: Intermediate/Advanced Class (Master Marsh): MM taught hook-round kick combo; Zoë Jackett offered advice on kicks.

29/4/17: Advanced Class (Master Marsh): takedowns 1-6: initial move for each is push block of the same number (ie TD1 starts with PB1); do not let your ookie simply sit down, maintain control of the takedown. Creative kata: mine is not a karate kata (using karambit) so use appropriate influences from other disciplines (eg Filipino style) to make sure left hand is ‘being useful’ — although techniques are still all two-handed, hikate is not necessarily appropriate, and open/knife hand style would fit better. Use more slash movements in different directions & don’t forget to finish some moves with a pulling out movement.



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