Hike: Chatham to Dojo

The final leg of my staged ‘Home to Dojo’ journey was a lovely way to spend Bank Holiday Monday. For this stage I was to walk alone for much of the route, with my Mobile Support Team playing tag with me.

We all walked from Sun Pier in Chatham up to and across the Great Lines Heritage Park with its commanding views of the town below. At the boundary of the park, Lee and Thomas left me to continue through the colourful suburbia of the Chatham-Luton borders, while they returned to pick up the car and drive to our rendezvous.

My Mobile Support Team motored past me just before I reached Capstone Farm Country Park where we joined up for lunch and a cuppa — and where I learned that Lee, with Thomas’ encouragement, had even jogged a short distance back across Great Lines.

I continued the last and prettiest part of the walk through Capstone and south towards Lordswood while Thomas and Lee took the opportunity to test the play equipment 😉  The paths took me through woods, meadows and fields and my Support Team met me on foot at Sharsted Farm — I recognised one of the HIIT Squad stopping points we used for press-ups and hill sprinting back in July last year.

All three of us meandered back up through the woods to the Dojo, and I was particularly grateful to have evaded the worst of the weather and had enjoyed a surprising amount of sunshine.

It is satisfying to know that I have walked from home to the Dojo; for dramatic effect, we naturally chose the Chatham –> Lordswood direction for this leg, and although this last five miles weren’t challenging, despite the hills, there was a sense of completeness as we arrived outside the Dojo.  This short walk was also perfect for testing my new rucksack (very comfy) and walking poles, which are surprisingly energy-saving if the terrain isn’t steep.

The best outcome of the day, however was the news that Lee will be joining me on one of my runs later this week — one more step closer to his getting back onto the mats.



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