Status Update: Week 6

Having completed my hiking task on Bank Holiday Monday the week began on a positive note — read more about the route here, I would recommend it to any keen walker.

Weekly Totals
76,834 steps
8.25km hiking
2km running

Looking at the week overall, however, this has been a horribly tough one. Overdoing training on Saturday last week meant I had to rest…but clearly I didn’t rest enough and being overconfident when training on Thursday really made my back ‘grumpy’ as my osteopath puts it. This recurring injury raising it’s ugly head this close to grading has really made me anxious and demoralised.

Weekly Totals
6 classes, plus Open Mat

Added to which is the realisation I have a couple of essays to write within the next week, and worst of all, I’ve gone backwards in my creative kata. Paradoxically, the task I initially felt would be the most challenging to complete — running — currently seems to be the easiest to lay to rest; I am still over the moon Lee managed to join me for my most recent run.

All this plus squeezing in the training I need around ‘normal’ family and work life (which is suffering) has proved overwhelming.

Friends and family have been very supportive, and opening up to Miss P about this feeling of crisis was the best thing I could have done. Many BB candidates feel this way at about this time, and she advised to turn each negative into a positive: don’t look at what I can’t do, or haven’t done. Instead, look at what I have achieved; this ties in directly with my mantra. Both Miss P and Master Marsh also reassured me that I have prepared enough and am ready for the grading: I need not panic and must not give up.

To promote an aura of positivity at the bleak end of this week, I must report that my osteopath confirmed that bits of me really are a bit busted (toes, ankles, back, neck…not just due to karate: ballet, horses, a pregnancy etc and being a couch potato for years are also responsible) and I may well have sustained a couple of cracked bones in not so distant the past (eek!).

  • BUT I am (mostly) not in pain,
  • AND I can (usually) manage my injuries quite well,
  • PLUS I am more flexible and in better physical shape than ever before!!

PS having finished this status update & a more objective view of the week has shown me that things are not so bad…


Another lovely positive outcome: a year’s worth of photos have been sorted out, filed & generally dealt with. Outcomes are:

  1. Vastly more space in the cloud and on my laptop,
  2. A sense of a job well done, and best of all,
  3. Revisiting a host of wonderful memories.


2/5/17: in good time for osteopath, despite ridiculous temporary traffic-light-induced congestion: Bexley Village needs a bypass!

3/5/17: nice relaxed morning prior to asthma nurse check-up — on time

4/5/17: got held up with work so was a teeny bit late for lunch with my favourite Forestry Commission Ranger — not a problem thoguht, as she too was held up with work putting up a new sign to the Fairy Village 😀

6/5/17: in very good time for Leadership Class, despite a fairly lazy Saturday morning


3/5/17: Kickstart/Intermediate Class (Miss G): Boxing Drill 1: Zoë Jackett reminded me to maintain eye contact during bob-n-weave, and then to keep guard up.

3/5/17: Intermediate/Advanced Class (Miss G): Board Breaking: Miss G and I explored which bit of my technique was lacking just slightly. I increased speed and relaxed — and the (difficult) black board broke in one 😀

4/5/17: Advanced Class (Miss G): Roundhouse Kick: make as if to do a front kick, then change your mind at the last minute & execute a (better) roundhouse kick — your knee is in a better position.

5/5/17: Open Mat: Thomas gave me some excellent tuition for Kushanku; he is refining my technique to prepare me for the more demanding BB classes. Mr Maddox commented that Thomas was sharp and spot on in this kata. The following day Miss P agreed that although T is exacting and tough, I could not have a better mentor — hence I have mentioned him here even though he is neither Instructor nor CIT.

6/5/17: Leadership Class (Miss P): reassurance and advice (see above).


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