Persistence: Helping Lee

Our strategy to get Lee back onto the mats seems easy enough. It begins with getting up half an hour earlier than we ‘need to’ and completing our exercises together, with smiles on our faces, while Tommy slumbers on for a bit. How hard can that be?

It is apparent that as soon as sleeping without a proper bed (such as camping, creaky futon, etc) is no longer appealing, this is the signal to find a good osteopath / physiotherapist and accept that daily stretches are now necessary if you want to avoid hobbling around painfully.

This is not as simple as one might think: not only is my task to propel us both from snoozy warmth into the bright morning, but also to be as encouraging and positive as possible — tricky with half my brain clutching desperately at the vanishing wisps of sleep and the other half in pre-cuppa, grumpy mode. Lee makes the tea though, so that should be no excuse.

An unforeseen benefit of eye-achingly early mornings is that I am fully functioning before leaving the house thereby more likely to be on time AND look in the mirror, both part of essential Workbook tasks 😉

As the end of the eight-week BB preparation draws to a close, Lee is currently undergoing a programme of osteopathic treatment which paradoxically results in more pain, not less, so my support now includes fetching ice packs.

So, how hard can it be to get Lee back onto the mats? It seemed that the original physio exercises were all set to get him sorted fairly soon — in fact he has even managed a bit of running — but the new hands-on physio treatment is so intense and painful, it feels like a setback while the experts are rebuilding him.

Lee is still progressing on the long road to recovery and is looking forward to supporting Thomas and I at our Technical Grading next week.


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