Status Update: Week 7

This week has been much more positive 😀

Weekly Totals
78,628 steps
4.5 km hiking
3 km running

A few of my Workbook tasks have been put to bed this week: Running, Persistence and Vision. On top of this, the creative kata is coming together, and I’m reasonably happy I understand & can execute all take-downs and wrist-locks — it seems that I can let my body to do most of the thinking; another example of relaxing into technique. Perhaps I need to use this insight with traditional kata: easier said than done!

Weekly Totals
4 classes plus open mat

Unfortunately my back is still sore, and I chose to continue to rest it at home this week, nonetheless I could manage 100 box press-ups in Saturday’s Advanced Class. Both gradings loom large this week, Technical and full BB, but I feel as prepared as possible, despite niggly injuries: I will just have to get on with it.

The most inspirational event this week was the BB Physical Re-qualification at Camber on Sunday…these guys played very hard, battling wind and sand for over two hours, finally emerging from the sea cold and exhausted. Thomas tells me it was tougher than a BB Grading: “you just wait, Mum!”


This week I tackled a month’s worth of hateful ironing, and feel much better for it. My competition gi is now also as flat as canvas can get without a steamroller — all ready for Tuesday.


On time every day for SATs week: 8am start rather than 8:45 for school

11/5/17: on time for classes

13/5/17: in good time for classes

14/5/17: early for BB Requal at Camber — but not the first to arrive!


10/5/17: Advanced Class (Master Marsh): sparring Zoë Jackett reminded me (again!) not to drop my hands when kicking, and not to stand square-on, as it presents a larger target.

11/5/17: Intermediate Class (Miss G): sparring, relax when sparring (& performing kata)

12/5/17: Open Mat: valuable discussion with Mr Dyer about diet & hydration in prep for the BB grading, plus some ideas for my kata.

13/5/17: Independent session in CIT room with Mr Dyer (CIT), Mrs Yeats (2nd Dan) & Thomas: Take downs 1-6 revision was extremely helpful. Mr Maddox also popped in to share some more of his pearls of wisdom.
With the Requal at Camber in mind, Thomas was advised by Miss P not to overdo it today, and that the Advanced class would be more useful for him. We therefore joined Mr Dyer and Mrs Yeats for some intensive revision.


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