Workbook as a Blog

This Blackbelt Workbook must be ‘submitted’ in the next few days for the instructors and CIT to assess. In practical terms, the essential posts will be printed & presented as hard copy. In some ways, blogging has been at as challenging as I had anticipated: honesty in a public, or at least unrestricted, arena does not come easily, and the discipline to write regularly can be a bit wearing.

Nonetheless, the benefits far outweigh the difficulties. My Instructor, Sensei Gibbons, has been able to access my progress online at any time, not just once a week, and by working steadily I do not have an overwhelming task ahead.

Kata in the grading environment remains overwhelming for me, but this is a different issue!

The most important reason for blogging, however, has really paid off. By demonstrating what I have had to do, the wider world can see just how hard Thomas worked for his Blackbelt, and continues to work towards 2nd Dan.

Thomas’ Physical Requalification at Camber Sands yesterday was a particular challenge for him — not physically, he abhors sand and salt!

Thomas would have faced different challenges than I have — for him running and creating his own kata are pretty easy. That said, as a young person it seemed to be much more difficult for him get motivated for the trickier bits, and to manage time effectively. Not to mention he did not have one key advantage I have: he had not previously witnessed the KLUK BB Workbook and Grading process.

Despite handing in the hard copy this week, I will complete the full eight weeks so keep your eyes open for some more posts…


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