Hike: Camber

While Thomas and his fellow Backbelts were doing their physical requalification at Camber Sands — press-ups in the sea, leap frogging up the dunes, etc, for over two hours — Lee & I sloped off for a stroll into the headwind for a short walk.

It was a glorious day, and the cold wind hid the sun’s strength. We shielded ourselves behind the dunes while the Blackbelts did the hard work in the cold sea. We got to the end of the beach at the point where the River Rother flows into the sea. Walking up the estuary nearly to the harbour master we cut across the golf course, which was a much more sheltered stroll back almost to the point at which we had left the Blackbelts to it.

A curlew surprised us by floating into land on a green; it looked very incongruous and took us a while to identify it as we tried really hard to resolve the distinctive beak into some sort of nesting material.

The highlight of the short walk was hearing some heartfelt roaring, then spotting the pyjama-clad ninjas as we crested a dune a little way away.

Everyone was cold, wet, sandy and buzzing as they came up the beach, and a real sense of achievement surrounded the KLUK group. Thomas was shivering fit to crumble, but nothing a towel, dry clothes and an ice cream (!) couldn’t fix.


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