Status Update: Week 8

I hurt. All of me hurts. Except my eyelashes, earlobes and tips of elbows. And a 4am start to pack Thomas off to Holland with the rest of his classmates does not help! Feeling like this, I admire his stamina 😀

Weekly Totals
78,088 steps
4.5 km hiking

But what a great way to end the week! We now have two karate Blackbelts in the family, and Lee is gearing up — so watch out for the EKlärs!!

Weekly Totals
3 classes
Technical Grading
Blackbelt Grading

This week was all about preparing for grading and an overseas trip. Not as much training as usual — but the Technical was more rigorous than either of us had expected.

The BB Grading (more on that later today) was as tough as expected, but I think I worked harder this time, having had some experience. Thomas excelled himself as usual and not only demonstrated Chinto solo, he was also credited by one of the Master instructors at the end of the session. I am very proud to say that however hard I try, Thomas is steps ahead of me 😀


I can’t remember any household achievements this week…my head is still full of the grading, and my exit strategy from this chair…ouch!


On time for school all week: it’s all in the routine

16/5/17: prepared and on time for Technical Grading

21/5/17: prepared and on time for BB Grading


16/5/17: Intermediate Class: I must have learned something, but I think the aura of panic (leading up to the Technical) wiped my memory.

17/5/17: Intermediate/Advanced Class (Miss G): digital kick bag: it’s all in the technique.

21/5/17: BB Grading: I learned many things: Master Danby likes students to be shouty when exercising; Master Hurcombe might just be as demanding as Sensei Diane; 1,000 front kicks is not too daunting before 3 1/2 hours of grading. However, with regard to technique, Mrs Margetts demonstrated how to correctly hold a karambit — when striking, do not let your wrist go weak; when holding them out, they are in the same plane as your body, not poking in or out or skewiff.


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