The Journey Continues…

A couple of years ago I followed Thomas into the ranks of Blackbelt; that journey is documented in the earlier posts in this blog, and the reasons behind the journey can be found in the Prologue. It has been slow progress getting to this point: grading to 2nd Dan Blackbelt. We have both learnt much and our karate continues to develop; but progress was temporarily halted for both of us when Thomas developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy, or complex pain syndrome, later in 2017. Thankfully, Thomas is now in remission and we have both taken on the challenge of Certified Instructor Training under the expert tutelage of Mr Passfield (previously featured in this blog here) with the fantastic Mrs & Miss Yeates, and the very patient Mrs Passfield — there are plenty more student places available! Since last writing we have taken the opportunity to enjoy a few weeks of Aikido instruction under Master Mitchell. Another incidental thing I have learnt since last writing here: Don’t be fooled by the Pink! While Thomas had to take a break from training, I took advantage of Ladies Only classes at Lordswood… these classes are tougher than you think, and I’ve survived a few pretty gruelling BB gradings! One positive aspects of postponing our 2nd Dan is that  my karate will (hopefully) be a bit more polished, and another lovely silver lining is that Thomas & I will be grading at the same time. To grade to 2nd Dan students need to know ALL the ‘training’ katas up to 1st Dan, plus the three 1st Dan Katas: Seishan, Chinto and Nihanchi. We will also be tested on the more martial takedowns 1-6, pressure point takedowns 1-6 and wristlocks 1-6: no more stylised flow drill! Plus boxing drills and the workbook tasks

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