Insights at Halfway

Working towards this task has made us realise how much CRPS has affected each of us — and continues to do so. Days before Thomas was due to enjoy a 1-1 XMA session with Sensei Connor Marsh I thought we’d have to cancel: the approaching BB Grading seems to be triggering increased symptoms — this is not due to over training.

The sense of relief when Tornado Ellis-Klär not only made it through the whole hour-plus session, but enjoyed it so much he wanted more, made me realise how much anxiety I experience with every twinge Thomas feels anywhere in his body.

We are so lucky that through perseverance & a positive attitude Thomas has not only been able to get back to a normal life but enjoy karate to a very high standard.

Thank you to all who have supported our efforts so far — we are just over half way to our goal, please keep spreading the word for this worthy cause!



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