2nd Dan Technical Grading

We survived the grading on Saturday — it was pretty gruelling grading with the existing 2nd Dans, especially when Sensei Roper & Mr Horton were doing their best to land punches & kicks on me during the take-downs!

Despite nerves & post-intensive-kata fatigue, my partner N & I did OK on the wristlocks & pressure point take-downs, even if we did keep confusing ourselves between the two 😉

Thomas’ nunchuck and creative katas were superb, and I was very happy with mine: I neither dropped the ‘chucks (astonishing) nor did I hit myself in the head with them (minor miracle). My creative seemed to go down well, and I think I did all the moves if not necessarily in the intended order…more in another post.

All in all, it all seemed to go pretty well, fingers crossed neither of us are recalled for anything on Thursday 😐

Now to prepare for the BIG grading at GAD’s next weekend 😮

A more dynamic snapshot of the grading

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