Courage: in the community

“Courage comes from the heart, not from the fist”

As a Black Belt Leader we spend a lot of time speaking about helping others to realise their goals and achieve daily tasks. We are all aware that there are many people out there who are unable to complete simple daily tasks, maybe due to an illness or injury. It takes a lot of courage to offer your time to someone you may not know that well, but isn’t it about time you showed the community that being a great martial artist is not about the power of your punch, but the size of your heart?

Since Thomas began pre-school I have played an active role in the community, volunteering my time in various Officer roles on pre-school and school committees, and acting as Trustee on those committees. Most recently, I have been appointed Group Administrator for our local Scout Group.

It would be easy for me to extend the hours I already give, but I feel this ‘extra time’ would not be perceptible, neither to me nor to the groups I support.

Although these roles do not embrace to the letter the type of community giving outlined in the workbook, this type of voluntary work directly benefits a large number of young people, from 6-14 years, many of whom are disadvantaged.

assistanceofferedWith this in mind, I have offered a full day of my time to Thomas’ school – not to work with the children, but to help teaching and/or non-teaching staff realise some unfinished projects.

I will report back with news of how my day at school goes…