Persistence: help someone focus

“Persistence is a measure of one’s own self-belief”

Whatever you focus on will expand, look at the negative and it will grow to failure, look at the positive and it will grow to success. Look at what you really want in life and you will achieve it. There are many people around you who need help in achieving their goals. Find that person and do whatever it takes to help them to be successful. Help them find a way and never give up.

Sadly, it has been quite a while since Lee has been able to join us on the mats due to leg injury. KLUK is primarily a family Dojo and Thomas and I really miss training with him.

To help him regain his fitness, and get him jumping around on the mats again, I am committed to actively supporting Lee in completing his physio exercises every morning.

I will document how we get on with this regime over the next eight weeks…

With a minimum of 100 words explain what you helped them achieve and how you helped them achieve it.

Read about the outcome of this task here: Persistence: Helping Lee.