Confidence: your mantra

“Confidence begins with a smile”

Tell yourself you are confident and you will succeed. You need to remind yourself on a daily basis that you have the confidence to become a great Black Belt Leader.


Desiderata is one of my favourite pieces of writing. Each verse encapsulates an important aspect of how we live and I believe it helps to  define better everyday choices.

It has been a long time since this has been a part of my life; this workbook has offered an ideal opportunity to revisit it and its underlying teaching.

Simply reciting the first line allows me to refocus and thereby become more attentive and effective – to succeed. My aim over the eight weeks is to commit Desiderata to memory; in this way it will be with me at all times and in every situation.

Desiderata is as current in this digital age as when it was written in 1927.* There is one sentiment I would tweak, however: not everyone has Faith, and if there is an omnipotent being, it is doubtful it would have a gender 😉

*American writer Max Ehrmann (1872–1945) wrote the prose poem “Desiderata” in 1927. It was included in a compilation of devotional materials in 1956, which also included the church’s foundation date: “Old Saint Paul’s Church, Baltimore AD 1692”.