Motivation: make one change

“Motivation is the key to success”

You have reached a point in your journey to Black Belt Leadership that many will never reach. Congratulations, the only thing that separates you from them is your motivation. So let’s apply this great Leadership skill to another area of your life: change one thing that you are really bad at: getting up in the morning, housework, treating everyone with the kindness and understanding that a Black Belt Leader should…

There are many things I could improve on, not least declining a second glass of wine, or helping of dessert.

One thing that I could do better that would make a big difference to everyone around me is to strive to be on time – properly on time, not nearly on time.

You can follow my progress in my weekly Status Updates.

During the next eight weeks you must find the motivation to change this, and document each time you have overcome your challenge, how you did it, if you didn’t succeed how you are going to make sure you are successful next time? You must make a minimum of 28 entries: one every other day.